Change. We can believe in

No, I’m not going to talk about Obama and his controversial campaign. My message is another.

A week ago TH!NK3 started in Brussels. All of us, bloggers from around the world, entered a competition where we should write articles about developing world and MDG’s. There is one goal – involving our readers in a discussion about all these issues that UN mentioned in its 2000’s report and trying to convince them it’s important.

In the days following the kick-off event I was thinking is it equal to write about the pollution of the seas or the child labour or the bad governance. I hardly found my starting point, since I couldn’t specify which topic is most important. Which of all the goals deserve the most attention, or at least – which one is more urgent. If I call my country Bulgaria part of EU and because of that – part of the developed world, does it mean that our problems with prostitution or with access to health services are more or less important than the same problems in an African country? My answer is: no! But it depends on the perspective. Problems could not be compared neither scaled.

Martina was already questioning the concept, saying that we could see the reality of undeveloped all around us and we need to stare deepen at the problem. It is part of our/ their culture and beliefs.

I think for solving a problem first you have to admit it, then you should find a manner to untie the knot and during this you should believe in the final solution.

Now I found my starting point. We should start with one little step - believing in change.

2015 is just the first bound.

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